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Editor chief:
Prof.univ.dr. Mariana BĂLAN, Athenaeum University, Bucharest, Romania

Prof.univ.dr. Marin POPESCU, Athenaeum University, Bucharest, Romania
Conf.univ.dr. Daniela MITRAN, Athenaeum University, Bucharest, Romania
Conf.univ.dr. Vasile BENDIC, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania
Conf.univ.dr. Cosmin OLTEANU, University of Bucharest, Romania
Conf.univ.dr. Nelu BURCEA, Athenaeum University, Bucharest, Romania

Advisory board:
Academician Ion Păun OTIMAN, Secretary General of the Romanian Academy
Academician Iulian VĂCĂREL
Academician Lucian – Liviu ALBU
Prof.univ.dr.Gheorghe ZAMAN, Corresponding Member of the Romanian Academy Petru ANDEA, Polytechnic University of Timișoara
Prof.univ.dr. Mariana MAN, University of Petrosani
Prof.univ.dr. Pavel NĂSTASE, Bucharest University Of Economic Studies
Prof.univ.dr. Verginia VEDINAŞ, University of Bucharest 
Conf.univ.dr. Cosmin OLTEANU, University of Bucharest 
Adrian VASILESCU, Advisor National Bank of Romania 
Dr. Mohamed SAAD KHAWASEK, Al Zarka Academy for Administrative Service & Information System, Egypt
Rodica PERCIUN, National Institute for Economic Research - Academy of Sciences of Moldova
Prof.univ.dr. Emad EL DIN MAHMOUD ALI EID, Al Zarka High Institute for Computer and Business Administration Egypt  
Dr. Salam Omar, Abu Dhabi University, UAE
Assoc. prof. Mimouna Zitouni, Mohamed Ben Ahmed University, Algeria
Dr. Julia M. Puaschunder, The New School, The Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis, USA

Prof.univ.dr. Emilia VASILE,  Athenaeum University, Bucharest, Romania

Editorial Office: Athenaeum University, Bucharest, Romania
Maricela Giurcă,  Athenaeum University, Bucharest, Romania
Felicia  Mihaela Negoi, Athenaeum University, Bucharest, Romania
Nicoleta Matac, Online Editor