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THE CHEQUE, PAYMENT INSTRUMENT IN DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL TRADE RELATIONS Brief considerations in light of the changes to the Law no. 59/1934 by GEO 38/2008


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  1. Authors:
      • Assistant Alexandru BULEARCA, PhD Student, email: e-mail:, Afiliation: „Athenaeum” University of Bucharest

      • 83|96

  2. Keywords: payment, payment instruments, debt securities, cheque

  3. Abstract:
    As a corollary of the unprecedented development known by information technology in the last decade of the twentieth century and the first decade of the twenty first century, at the global banking system level telematics was implemented. This is a long distance transmission technology of digital information that combines computer science with satellite communications and public and private web networks. Consequently, the celerity that characterizes economic changes has imposed the transmission – through this system – of debt instruments in order to settle them quickly. As such, the banking practice required the presentation for payment in order to settle traditional payment instruments, paper-based, by means of computerized process. For these reasons we can state that electronic payment instruments represent the digital image of paper-based payment titles, of which the presentation for payment is made by using computer techniques.

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