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  1. Authors:
      • Univ.Prof.PhD.Emilia VASILE, email:, Afiliation: Athenaeum University, Bucharest
      • Dănuţ-Octavian SIMION Lecturer PhD, email:, Afiliation: Economic Informatics Department Athenaeum University, Bucharest

      • 78|89

  2. Keywords: Database for business, business intelligence tools, business model, data warehouse star model, SQL queries and reports, rollup and drill down objects

  3. Abstract:
    The paper presents methods of making data flexible for applications that use databases for businesses in the competitive environment where the exchange of data and the forecasts are making the decision processes much easier. A star warehouse model for business is flexible at the physical level in the sense that offer the posibility to add new dimensions or new measures and at the presentation level permits to build numerous reports that can reflect different scenarious by simply changing some key values an give other perspectives to the decision maker. An information system for business has a physical architecture that mirrors all the main components, from supply chain to sales and also has an interaction layer that may possible to evaluate an before situation and also to build scenarious that make possible future production that indicate the growth. An information system that uses databases are very flexible and offers many advantages such as controlling  flows beetwen the main components of a company such as Supply, Production, Products, Accounting, Financial, Sales, Marketing, HR and Fact business. In a company there are exchanges of informations between the main departments and a database can record all these informations and may be used later in different types of queries. To a business company the choice of a database application designed and implemented as data warehouse star model, helps in analyzing and the surveillance of the main information flows such as finacial and operational.

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