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  1. Authors:
      • Elena PELINESCU , email:, Afiliation: Institute for Economic Forecasting

      • 49|61

  2. Keywords: human capital, human development, innovation, competitiveness

  3. Abstract:
    The competitiveness is the engine of development and welfare’s countries. The human capital has an important role in the construction of the competitive and sustainable economy. This paper is focus on human capital and tray to show how the human capital, as an important factor economic growth, can contribute to the competitiveness of the economy. Bontis (1999, cited by Bontis at all, 2000, p.89) “argues that human capital is important because it is a source of innovation and strategic renewal”. G. Becker higlight on his work that:”many workers increased their productivity by learning new skills and perfecting old ones while on the job” (Becker, 1962, p11.) He consider that the training „has an important effect on the relation between earning and age” (Becker, 1962, p15.) and „could raise the new employee’s productivity but would require additional expenditures by the firms” (Becker, 1962, p19), expenditure links with the training process. The relation between competitiveness and human capital is analyzing in relation with the innovation and R&D process (W. J. Baumol, 2002) or as factor of the increasing the competitiveness (factor al creƟterii economice (Riley, 2012), or as factor of competitiveness increased (Russu, 2012, Kagochi and  Jolly, 2010, Bontis at all, 2000 ). This paper is focus on relation between human capital and competitiveness based on the different technics trains to highlight the role of human capital in increasing the countries competitiveness”.

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