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  1. Authors:
      • Mariana BĂLAN, email:, Afiliation: Institute of National Economy - NIER, Romanian Academy and “Athenaeum” University - Bucharest
      • Valentina VASILE, email:, Afiliation: Institute of National Economy - NIER, Romanian Academy

      • 21|32

  2. Keywords: health care system, health care workers, health expenditures, regional inequalities in the health care sector, migration

  3. Abstract:
    Labour force ageing in the medical field combined with challenges related to recruiting or maintaining health workers because of the exigencies in job conditions and of the relatively low wages in some of the medical care professions lead in many countries to labour force deficits in the health sector.
    Just like the educational system, health represents a priority focused on national realities and traditions.
    The Romanian medical system is and was subjected to reforms for a considerable number of years. Most health care institutions are faced with serious issues in particular because of the financial resources allotted to them.
    Thus, in the study “Euro Health Consumer Index 2015” (EHCI) realised by the Swedish research company Health Consumer Powerhouse, and that evaluates the way in which European health care systems provide for their patients both from the viewpoint of the quality of medical services and from the one of costs and profitability in 35 countries, Romania is ranked on the 32nd position.
    The paper presents a brief analysis of issues facing the health care system in Romania and especially the particularities of the human resources in the field. The differences regarding labour resources are analysed and underpinned for the health care system in Romania’s development regions

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