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  1. Authors:
      • Brînduşa Mihaela RADU, email:, Afiliation: Athenaeum University, Bucharest, Romania
      • Mariana BĂLAN, email:, Afiliation: Institute for Economic Forecasting – NIER, Romanian Academy

      • 33|46

  2. Keywords: rural potential, rural environment, rural tourism, sustainable development

  3. Abstract:
    The process of transition from the super centralized economy to the market economy has generated, in the agriculture and rural development of Romania, multiple economic and social problems. Therefore, it is normal for concerns about identifying solutions and methods to solve them to mobilize more and more specialists in the field (Dona, Dobre, Georgely, 2005). In this context, the experience of other countries could not be ignored, among which a special place is occupied by the member countries of the European Union. At present, agriculture and rural development in Romania continue to be in a state of crisis, and the economy is far from stable in order to sustain it. On the contrary, the declining ratio of rising prices for agricultural products to those of industrial products bought by farmers deepens price shifts, leading us to the conclusion that agriculture is declining compared to other countries, especially those in the EU, which represents the model and the target it aims at. In this context, we mention that Romania is in the process of implementing the European model of agriculture and rural development. Starting from the general (principles, mechanisms) and reaching the particular (the case of the European Union countries and the situation in Romania), by analysing the rural area, the paper tries to formulate solutions and proposals according to the concrete conditions regarding the creation of a favourable economic environment. development, in the sense of consolidating a sustainable and multifunctional development of the rural space (Patriche, n.d.).

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