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  1. Authors:
      • Cristina BURGHELEA, email:, Afiliation: Hyperion University of Bucharest, Romania

      • 31|42

  2. Keywords: Sustainable tourism, sustainable development, quantitative and qualitative indicators, economic impact.

  3. Abstract:
    The purpose of this paper is to give a brief discussion on the development of sustainable tourism in Romania. To support the research carried out I will systematically identify and showcase comparative indicators of sustainable tourism, both quantitative and qualitative. The EU's vision on these categories is as well of great interest. Among the main objectives of the work there are identifying the concept of sustainable tourism, stating the criteria that it must achieve, and summarizing  the institutions and researchers concerned with this issue. The obvious connection between tourism and the environment has a particular significance, which is why the protection and preservation of the environment means a primordial condition of progress and development of tourism. The present relationship holds a two-way degree of complexity: the natural environment through its components (basic resources of tourism), the second direction being represented by the tourism activity that has a double influence, both positive and negative on the environment by changing its components. Romanian tourism industry has an increasing contribution to economic growth and is one of the best opportunities to create income and jobs for our country. However, tourism development cannot be taken as granted. Continuous increase in the number of travel destinations and improving the quality of existing ones puts great pressure on those responsible for Romanian destinations to find better ways to compete in the tourist market and, moreover, to achieve this in a sustainable manner. Sustainable development of tourism derives from the existence of negative impact over the environment, culture and the traditional way of life of the Romanians.

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